10 reasons to invest in the city of Stavropol

1. Stavropol - the best city with the most favorable conditions for business development on the basis of the All-Russian competition "Golden Mercury"

2. Favorable climatic conditions - serve as the fundamental basis for the development of agro-industrial complex. Stavropol Climate - temperate continental with an average annual volume of rainfall of 400-650 mm per year. Average January temperatures range from -9 to -5 ° C, in July from +22 to + 24 ° C. City territory belongs to the steppe zone and has a variety of natural resources - suitable for farming the fertile land, a variety of mineral and water resources.

3. Development of transport infrastructure - is a transport hub, connecting the city with the Russian Caucasus. Distance to the federal highway M-29 "Caucasus" - 40 km, just across town federal highway A 154 "Stavropol Elista-Astrakhan" - 8 km motorway P 269 "Rostov-on-Don - Stavropol" - 2 km . In the city there are 4 bus station, railway station and international airport "Stavropol".

4. Stavropol is one of the leaders of Russia in the sphere of housing - a key indicator of the development of the city. After all, without the development of housing construction and the powerful potential can not be updating and expansion of the city. The engine in this area are several large construction companies, which annually provide input about 200 thousand m² of new housing.

5. Development of a network of educational and scientific institutions, the availability of high-tech industries - provide a high level of human resource development. Stavropol - a city of innovative technologies. The city is one of the few other cities of Russia participates in the state program for the development of innovative technologies RUSNANO.

6. High level of economic diversification - determines the sustainability of economic development of the city and creates the foundations of social guarantees, while minimizing the risks of a sharp reduction in employment in one of the branches.

7. The unique space of regulated tax and other preferences for entrepreneurs - Stavropol actively uses different ways to support investment activities, among which can be identified specifically to provide investors with tax incentives, benefits when renting immovable property used for the implementation of investment activities, support for investors in the organization of debt financing of investment projects.

8. The infrastructure to support the development of small and medium-sized businesses , the city has a "business incubator" that helps young entrepreneurs to "get on their feet." On the basis of a "business incubator" works a lot of financial support mechanisms for start-up entrepreneurs - subsidies, grants and loans. Operate controls of allocated funds, those entrepreneurs who have been successful can count on continued public funding and the expansion of their business. Just carry out the work-for-profit organization "Foundation for Entrepreneurship Support in the Stavropol Territory" SUE SR "Guarantee Fund to support small and medium-sized businesses in the Stavropol Territory", a non-profit organization "Foundation for microfinance for small and medium-sized businesses in the Stavropol region" nonprofit organization " Fund to promote venture capital investment in small and medium enterprises in the scientific-technical sphere of the Stavropol Territory "SUE" Management Company of investment and innovation development of the Stavropol Territory. "

9. Stavropol is the administrative, economic and cultural center of the region , the city of interest to tourists as Stavropol Territory and neighboring areas. From the most famous architectural structures are the cathedral named St. Andrew's Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption, built in the 19th century, the former Gostiny Dvor, built in the mid 19th century, the complex military hospital, as the mid 19th century. In Stavropol, a great many museums that keep hundreds of thousands of pieces of that great era. There are more ancient finds from the Palaeolithic - stone tools, money, household items, weapons of that time. Stavropol is rich in cultural and historical monuments, in total there are more than 160.

10. A qualitative improvement in the administration of investment activities by organizations providing support for investment and innovation projects in the Stavropol Territory in the "single window".