Offer your project

In this section you can send your project for consideration by the Committee for Economic Development Stavropol city administration. All the projects received on site, subject to peer review and selection in accordance with the established criteria.

Before submitting the draft offer, information on support measures and the stages of the passage of the projects, as well as the selection criteria for each area.

We will be happy to cooperate with you !!

- Organization of interaction with the executive authorities and industry bodies Stavropol city administration to address (remove / minimize) the administrative barriers and restrictions.

- Organization of interaction with the executive authorities on the changes in the regulatory framework and facilitate the establishment of appropriate proposals.

- Other issues of cooperation with the organs of executive power industry bodies Stavropol city administration.

- Obtaining expert opinion on the project from the relevant ministries and departments.

- Obtain information on possible measures of state support of investment projects (including the possibility of offering a platform for the manufacturing, infrastructure, about becoming a resident of the regional industrial parks in the city of Stavropol).

- Assist in communications with financial institutions, development institutions and funds (in order to attract financing by the proponent).

- Recommendations for improving the investment attractiveness of the project during the formation of a package of documents to obtain financing.

- Information and communication support.

- News media coverage / Multimedia support.

- Presentation of the project in the social and business events.


Commercial project - a program of action for the implementation of specific commercial, economic design is sure to result in a profit.

1. The relevant economic parameters (if any leader needs the financial support of the project) all the criteria:

- The net present value of the project must be positive (NPV> 0);

- Internal rate of return on investments exceed the cost of the required capital (IRR> WACC).

2. The project must be at the pre-investment stage (with a prepared design and estimate documentation and feasibility studies, including organizational, marketing, production and financial plans, the rationale of the participants of the project, the amount and sources of investment) or investment stage.

3. Compliance with the desired effects of the draft Strategy direction.

Target effect of the project must meet at least one of the criteria:

- Innovation

Means that the project should use the new, not used earlier in Russia technology and / or principles of the organization or the project involves production of a new, not previously produced in Russia, the product (if patents), the provision of new services

- Import substitution

It indicates a project that contributes to the replacement of goods of foreign-made goods produced by domestic producers

- Export Development

It provides for the sale of products of non-primary sector of the economy on the export of a substantial (30%) amount

- Additional social impact, in accordance with the criteria of social projects and at least half its level of significance

Social Project - a project implemented to address specific social problems. When the social project possible absence period (subject to study the issue without the participation of the business of credit institutions) and profit opportunities can be sent only for the purposes of this project.

1. Social benefits

The design should have an immediate positive effect on one or more of the following characteristics:

1) Improving the quality of life of the population

- Health and well-being of a demographic (birth rate, life expectancy), including: by improving the quality and accessibility of health services; promote the development and promotion of physical culture and sports, healthy lifestyle, etc.

- Satisfaction with the living conditions of the population of the individual (welfare, housing, food, work, etc..), Including by raising the level of employment of the working population; improve the security of the population of modern housing; improve the quality of housing and communal services, etc .;

- Satisfaction of social situation in the state (justice authorities, access to education and health care, security of existence, environmental well-being, access to obtain information);

- The spiritual state of society (decrease in the frequency of violations of universal moral precepts, the development of spiritual values ​​in the society)

2) The development and improvement of the quality of social services, ie compliance with the requirements of the state and the expectations of people receiving such services (services and assistance to the weakly protected layers of the population, or any man caught in a difficult situation).

3) Reduction of social tension in society, social stability and social support for institutional reforms

2. The significance of the effect on all criteria

- Share in the number of targeted social groups covered by the project should not be less than 10%

- The proportion of the number of targeted social group in the total number of inhabitants of regions realization should not be less than 1%

- A measurable effect of the project should occur not later than 3 years after the project

- Implementation of the project is possible without attracting budget financing




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